Located on Highway 43 between Beaverlodge & Hythe

Box 493 Beaverlodge, Alberta, Canada, T0H 0C0

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At the Museum

Keeping Skills Alive

The Love of Steam Power was the initial spark, that started the whole thing in the beginning and for most the people steam engines are still the most fascinating Thing in the museum.

From the early beginnings to the modern times was a long way in the technique of machinery. We have dozens of renovated machines and tractors on display for you to check out and learn

We have a unique collection of antique Cars, Trucks and other moving vehicles on Display, beautiful restored and ready to be shown. 

1. Main Entrance

2. Concession

3. Clay Oven Country Kitchen

4. Pioneer Artifacts Building

5. Radar Antenna

6. Railway Tool Shed 

7. N.A.R. Caboose

8. Pioneer Grain Elevator

9. Barn & Horse Equipm.

10. Wagons & Carriage Shed

11. Black Smith Shop

12. Lowe House 

13. Curators Garden

14. Stony Point Trading Post

15. Grist Mill

16. Two Rivers School

17. Cook Car

18. Circle Bank Hall 

19. Barbecue Hut

20. Gaudins Store

21. All Saints Anglican Church

22. Play Ground

23. Band Stand/Stage

24. Food & Souvenir Hut 

25. “Sons of Norway” House

26. Transportation Building

27. Equipment Shed #2

28. open Equipment Area


29. Hay Shed

30. Stationary Engine Shed 

31. Steam Engines Shed

32. Open Farm Engines Area

33. Rumley Engine Shed

34. Saw Mill

35. Planner Mill

36. Equipment Shed #1

37. Charter Members Park & Picknic Area

Main Entrance Concession Clay Oven Country Kitchen Pioneer Artifacts Building Radar Antenna Railway Tool Shed N.A.R. Caboose Pioneer Grain Elevator Barn & Horse Equipm. Wagons & Carriage Shed Black Smith Shop Lowe House Curators Garden Stony Point Trading Post Grist Mill Two Rivers School Cook Car Circle Bank Hall Barbecue Hut Gaudins Store All Saints Anglican Church Play Ground Band Stand/Stage Food & Souvenir Hut “Sons of Norway” House Transportation Building Equipment Shed #2 Open Equipment Area Hay Shed Stationary Engine Shed Steam Engines Shed Open Farm Engines Area Rumley Engine Shed Saw Mill Planner Mill Equipment Shed #1 Charter Members Park & Picknic Area

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Vintage tractor activities, bundle threshing, kid’s activities, domestic heritage demonstrations

Breakfast beginning at 8:00

Camping available (no services)